The Neglected Response in Prayer

In prayer, I  communicate with God. In prayer, I bring my petitions before God and I have faith in God that my petitions will be granted according to God’s gracious will. Prayer for me is very important, I tend to describe prayer as the umbilical code that connects the believer to God. As we remain in God, we need this cord in order to survive as children of God.

In today’s devotion, I would like to encourage you that God always answers our prayers and as such, we need never give up on praying. One of the things I have observed is that there is a response or provision that God offers in prayer but often neglected or not acknowledged as God’s response. I believe if we start to appreciate this provision and response God gives us when we pray, we will remain faithful and be stirred with a more intense passion to press on to pray always.

It often said that God answers our petitions in prayer in three (3)  main ways i.e. “Yes”, “No” and “Wait”. Although this may be so I see that most people miss the response or provision that is gracefully offered to us when we pray which is the “This instead response”.

In those moments, when we pray and seek God earnestly to heal us or others, urgent financial need or even a difficult situation in life. Often times our minds are focused on the instantaneous miraculous power of God and we miss the “This Instead Response”. Beloved, God is God and we need to accept God works in Mysterious ways which means it could be more than instant miracles. The “This Instead Response” could manifests through the strength God gives to us be able to stand against the challenge or difficulty we may be facing. It could also be in the love and unity created when loved ones come together to help each other overcome the challenge together. God uses the gifts, graces, and talents He has given others to bring the help we need in those moments of crisis.

 1 Peter 3:12b  The eyes of the Lord watch over those who do right and his ears are open to their prayers. 

The above passage is true and God is always faithful. God always answers our prayers. In our moments of sadness, depression, and pain, God sends strength, hope, and peace to enable us to go through the healing process. When one loses someone, let us pray, the lost ones may not return to us but God connects us with those who have lost loved ones that we may stand in solidarity with them in their pain. We build our solid bond as a family of God when we come together to stand with eachother. The “This instead” response brings deep meaning into our lives than we could never have imagined. Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane that the cup may pass but the “This instead” response was the Angel of God coming to strengthen him to face Calvary.

What if the cup was taken will you and I come to know Jesus Christ as we do now? Let’s look into our lives and reflect deeply on what had transpired after we prayed. There were moments when I cried my eyes out to God and after praying, there was a calmness and peace that filled my heart. Although the problem did not go away, I received strength and power from God to be able to go through those tough moments. Those tough experiences today have shaped my life. It has brought meaning and great gifts that I would have never expected.  I am who I am today because of my being through life circumstances and God’s gracious answers to prayers made it possible. I pray that as you have come to know of the “This instead” response you will also never cease to pray but hold unto God in all faith and trust that we serve a living God who always answers our prayers.


Always know God loves you dearly ❤


  1. God bless you my sis for the great job God is using you for His kingdom. Indeed prayer is the umbilical cord that connects the believer to God. Powerful and deep statement 🙏🙏🙏

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