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Meet Mrs. Ama Antwi, MDiv.

Ama is a wife, a mother and a passionate lover of Jesus Christ who enjoys sharing messages about  Jesus Christ. Ama is a preacher, and a teacher of God’s word

Ama posts on Soaking in God’s word to bring the gospel of God to the world. Soaking in God’s word was birth out of the need to share the impressions that Ama receives from meditating and praying on the Word of God.

Beloved, God is always speaking to His children, but it takes an attentive listener who consistently soaks in the word of God by reading, meditating and praying the Word of God  to hear from Him.

We pray that you continue to read the posts on  “Soaking in God’s Word”.

Beloved, please look out for Wednesday DevotionsInspirations from the Word, Prayers and other interesting things that Ama will be posting on here.  You can subscribe to this blog and you will be notified by your email once a new post is released.

I pray the Lord to continue to help you to abide in Him by soaking in His word.

Jesus Christ loves you dearly for He gave His life to save you. Stay blessed.