Keep waist girded and lamp burning

keep-on-keeping-on-clipart-1We have exactly 7 days from today for January 2018 to come to an end. Truly God has been good to us thus far into the year.

In today’s devotion, I will like us to  do a reflection exercise on our resolutions or goals that we set out for this year. The aim of this reflection is to evaluate or assess ourselves where we are and how are things going and more importantly to encourage ourselves in the Lord to press on towards the goal.

Our scripture for meditation today is from the gospel written by Luke the 12th chapter verse 35.

“Let your waist be girded and your lamps burning; – Luke 12:35

Beloved, let not your reflection cause you to feel disappointed if you have not progressed as you thought you could. Also, let not your reflection puff you up if you have excelled beyond your expectations. I pray that this reflection allows us to see one thing and this one thing alone, that no matter the outcome so far into the year of 2018, it has all been by God’s grace. Dear one, know that God is your greatest helper whether it seems tough or it seems easy, it is God who enables us all and will keep on helping us to press on.

I pray that this reflection allows us to see one thing and this one thing alone, that no matter the outcome so far into the year of 2018, it has all been by God’s grace.

This is word of encouragement and a call to action, let us keep our waist girded. To keep your waist girded is to ground yourself deep into God’s truth. Let your anchor hold firmly in Jesus Christ alone. The goals, aims, desires, expectations that we have impressed in our heart must be rooted in God’s truth and word. Let us keep our hearts and minds soaked with the Word of God that we will walk in it and believe in it. To gird your waist also mean to tighten your waist. When one’s waist in the early centuries was not tightened their garments will all fall off. The truth of God word keeps under God’s covering so that we are not exposed to the deceits and lies of the world.

Let us keep our lamps burning, our spirits ignited with passion for Christ at all times. Let your zeal be driven by your love and devotion to God. Beloved let not the day pass by without being filled by the Holy Spirit. Be filled, empowered, strengthened by the Holy Spirit always. It is the work of the Holy Ghost in our lives that gives us the divine abilities to press on in our daily endeavors. Let your lamp keep burning that you may see and perceive what is going on at all times. The lamp provides light for us in the darkness. When your lamp is always burning, you do not miss it, because you are able to see the move of God at work at all times.

In closing, the faithful servants who keep their waist girded and lamps burning will always be ready for their master . I pray that you have been encouraged to keep at abiding in God and burning with His light. May the Holy Spirit continue to help you and cause you to glorify Christ all the days of your life. Stay blessed. Always remember that Jesus Christ loves you dearly ❤

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