What is life about?

19613614-3d-man-sitting-with-red-question-mark-over-white-background-stock-photo Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. – John 14:6

What is life about??? Why are we doing all of this??? Why were we born????

Questions about life, we all ask these questions at certain times of our lives. I have realized that we ask these questions when we cannot seem to make sense of the situations we are facing in life, other times we just do not know and we ask to know.

I have heard a few common responses that many have resolved to in their quest to think about what life is about.

These responses include:

  • Life is meaningless – This was not strikingly unbelievable to me when I heard or observed it. In this perspective, one only views life as something that begins when we are we are born and and ends when we die. Life seems meaningless in the sense that it all ends when one dies. In this view, we exist and then we cease to exist at some point. And so someone could just ask themselves, does anything really matter because I will just die oneday.
  • Life is about the pursuit of happiness – I have actually seen several people who are on this bandwagon that life is about pursuing happiness. This goal of achieving happiness drives many people’s endeavors and decisions. One may commit to working very hard with the impression that the outcome of the hard work will be rewarded with some bliss of happiness. A young child once said to me, ” I want to grow and make a lot of money so I can buy all the things I want and be happy”  and I asked, “that’s it?” And this child happily nodded “yes!”. I smiled and asked myself where is this response coming from, and I realized it is the way this child has been taught to view life. For many, life is reaching a place where one could satisfy all their longings and pleasures and be just happy.
  • Life is about being a good person – So many believe in this concept of living to pursue goodness. People just want to be known as their good people, they did something right, they made contributions, they made the world a better place for everyone. The desire and quest to be good drives many people in their life as it is what gives them a meaning to exist as people.

The three perspectives of life that are mentioned  above are often the natural instances we can all arrive depending on where we are in life. For the most part, people define the meaning of life by how they view their essence as humans. We all want to matter, we want our existence here on earth to mean something and be for a reason and that is why we ask “What is life about?”

In this blog, I will like to share with you what the word of God taught me when I asked this question. The word of God taught me that LIFE IS ABOUT JESUS CHRIST.

The journey to resolve the question “What is life about” is to first get to the root of life.

First know that God created life (Genesis 1:26-27)

Yes,  my dear one, God is the creator of life and if there is anyone we should inquire to know what this life we have been given is about, is to ask God. We were created by God for God. Our existence is based on one fundamental purpose to bring glory to God.

Secondly, know who sustains life (Acts 17:28)

Act 17:28  “…‘In him, we live and move and have our being’…”

Aratus, whose words these are, was an Athenian, who lived almost three hundred years before the time of the book of Acts. Paul in an effort to let the Athenians know that the invisible they worshiped as now been made manifest through the Lord Jesus Christ. The Athenians knew that God sustained their living, nothing they did was on their own. Many take life for granted, their waking up and lying down. The fact that you do not pray does not mean God does not protect nor provides for you. God is gracious and blesses all people. The life we live is made by Him and sustained by Him.

Thirdly, life is living for God and God alone (John 14:6)

After sin crept into the world through the disobedience of men, God sent His son our Lord Jesus Christ to come and die to redeem us from sin. Jesus Christ came to take our place of  eternal death and made a way for us to be reconciled to the Father when we believe in Him. Dear one Jesus Christ is the way, that you search for in everyday of your endeavors. Jesus Christ is the truth, the truth that you are made by God and for God to be His child and for God to glorify His name in you.  Jesus Christ is the life, the life that we ought to live, the life of holiness, of peace, of joy, of love, of goodness, of kindness and many great amazing things you can ever imagine. Jesus Christ is the life that we need, that makes us alive, that makes us who we were made to be. Our purpose and being is found in Christ alone.

So I end this pretty puzzling blog with this, if you still asking yourself what is life about, ask Jesus Christ, the creator and author of life. I pray that the Spirit of God will open the eyes of your understanding to perceive the mystery of this life as it ought to be in God’s way and that we all live it as such for the glory of our creator. Jesus Christ loves you dearly and that is why He gave Himself to die for all humanity that we obtain ETERNAL LIFE and make meaning of this life we live.

Stay blessed ❤

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