Be Still and know that God is God.


How can one remain still and not move when the violent winds and storms are blowing against such a person. The power of the winds can toss you from where you are standing to a different place. The power of the wind in a violent storm is able to move anything that comes against it. In a severe storm, buildings are destroyed, trees are broken, poles are broken, all kinds of things are destroyed. We can reflect back to our recent hurricane events in Puerto Rico and Florida, the aftermath of the storms are horrific and extremely sad.

In today’s devotion, we want to do some self-reflection in our personal storms that we face in our lives. God has a word for us today concerning these storms and it says in those moments of violent storms and winds:

Psalm 46:10:

Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!

In this verse, two main things stand out to me about what God is asking with us,  (1) BE STILL,  (2) KNOW WHAT GOD MEANS TO BE GOD

Be Still

Personally, I am facing some storms in my life and I believe this word came to me to encourage me in this time of my life. As mentioned in the introduction, it seems impossible to remain still when the heavy winds of life are blowing against you. Someone could just read this Bible verse and exclaim HOW??, How can one be still when a force so strong like the winds of life are blowing against them.

As I paused and read this verse over and over again, I realized in that moment of meditating on the word I was quiet within myself.  That was how I was being still, meditating on the word and holding onto the truth that it holds. Beloved be still is to remain consistent with your faith in the Lord.  To be still is keep your faith unshakable. The things around may move, your finances, your family, your ministry, your children, your health, etc, but God says let your faith still remain in Christ Jesus. Dear one, your faith is something the enemy cannot touch, you only have that choice to make to believe or not. Today I plead with you, that keep trusting and believing in God.  Do not give up, a time is coming when our God will be exalted among the nations and the whole earth. Jesus Christ will be glorified in all of this, just keep holding on.Trust God and believe in Him.

Know what God means to be God

In the verse for today, it says “..and know that I am God”.

How do we define what it means to be God. The revelation of who God is will allow us to ground our feet deep down in Him. Beloved, meditate upon God’s grace, His love, His mercies, His power, His goodness, kindness, provision, sovereignty, salvation, creation and uncountable things that He has don and is. Someone needs to know God today as a healer, provider, restorer, savior, keeper, protector, friend, Lord etc. I pray that we will grow in the grace and knowledge of God to be able to remain firm in God always.

My dear one, I pray that God manifest His grace and love in your storm that you will really know that He is God. Be still and know that God is God, He will be exalted among nations and all the earth. God is God, put your trust and hope in Him always with the precious Holy Spirit being our ever present help.

Be blessed dear one, Jesus Christ loves you dearly 🙂


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