Give up NOT!

Give Up Not!

It is often common sense to try other options when your current option does not seem to yield any expected results. Trying new things to be able to be successful at a particular goal set ahead is what we all tend to do in our daily life practices. For example switching majors in school if you are not doing so well in the set out major you initially chose. Changing a pen if the one you are using does not write, changing a workout routine if you do not see any results, and on and on. We live in a society that promotes this sort of lifestyle, immediate change when the old things do not work anymore. Is this good or bad? I am not sure, it depends.

Well, today’s devotion, God wants to emphasize one thing that when we do and do not immediately see expected results, we should never GIVE UP on doing this.

Dear Beloved, today’s scripture is:

Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart/give up – Luke 18:1

Trust, Faith, Hope, Beleive, Love, Obedience, Devotion to God are all traits of a believer that are evident in their prayer life. As Jesus Christ was speaking to His listeners, it came up as usual in His pearls of wisdom to tell them and now to us that WE OUGHT TO PRAY AND NEVER LOSE HEART.

There no other option when it comes to Prayer to God

Jesus Christ knew in His infinite knowledge and wisdom that humans are likely to switch up on something when they do not get their expected results within their own expected time limit. With that, it was important that He made this emphasis to show us that in this one thing called PRAYER to God, one can never give up on it because Jesus Christ is the only truth, way, and life.  There is no other way that one can choose to prove better than prayer. When it comes to prayer, one can not give up and try other options because there is none.

The Effect of Persistent Prayer is beyond what we see with our eyes

Following today’s verse is a parable about a persistent woman. This parable teaches us that as the woman was able to weary the judge to seek justice for her,  how far more than our God who is merciful and always attentive to the cries of our heart.

As the widow persisted, something happened within the judge, he became troubled, he was tired of the woman and to stop her from troubling him, he sought justice for her. Beloved, when we pray the strongholds, strongmen, obstacles or whatever they may be are weakened by our prayers and in God’s time we will testify with our physical eyes.

We serve a God who answers our prayers, He answers them in ways that are always for the good of us. God loves us so dearly and will not stand to watch us fall. You commit yourself to God to keep you when you pray, you hold on to Him when you pray, you show him that you love Him when you pray. God is faithful, He knows it all and is working it out for your good.

My sister, my brother, let us heed the words of our Lord Jesus Christ today, and keep praying. We should keep doing this and never to give up, in this, we obey God and trust in Him. I pray that God the Holy Spirit will strengthen us all to keep on loving, trusting, hoping in God always through praying.

Be blessed and always know that Jesus Christ loves you dearly ❤

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