Know His Word & His Power

Jesus answered and said to them, “Are you not therefore mistaken, because you do not know the Scriptures nor the power of God? – Mark 12:24

In the context of this scripture some Sadducees who did not believe in the resurrection of the dead or in other words, eternal life beyond the earth posed a question to Jesus Christ hoping to justify the reason for their unbelief. Our Lord Jesus Christ in His infinite wisdom answered them and in His response, He mentioned that their unbelief was as a result of their lack of knowledge in the word of God and ignorance of the Power of God.

Goodmorning Dear one, in today’s devotion, the message the Lord laid on my heart is the need to Know His Word and His power to confound the deceits and works of the enemy.

Knowing His Word

The Sadducees came to Jesus Christ with the aim to prove to Him that there is no such thing as eternal life. In the mind of the Sadducees, they imagined eternal life in Heaven is to be just like the physical life they were living on earth , where marriage, education and all the earthly things we experience now should also be present. This mindset the Sadducees had about eternal life was a clear lack of knowledge of the Scriptures as they did not know the word of God in regards to this new life. In the same manner, we find in life that we turn to relate word of God which is spiritual to carnal things. Knowing His word is having the divine understanding , knowledge of God’s plan,  knowing His will and intentions in what He has in His Word and also abiding in it. 

Beloved, the Bible is more than just a book filled with historical accounts, proverbs, songs or revelations, it is God’s word. I urge you to take the word of God seriously, pray about it if you lack understanding and God will reveal the mysteries in it to you. Many have taken the word of God as just content information and misinterpreting it to suit their own ways and will but this should NOT be so. The Sadducees came quoting scripture but learnt later on that there is more to knowing Scripture as a divine word than just content. Jesus Christ clarified to them using the word of God that eternal life is lived beyond physical needs and the physical realm.

Knowing the Power of God

Another reason for the doubt in the heart of the Saduccees was because they did not believe in the Power of God. They did not believe that God has the power to make a man an eternal being who does not rely on earthly things for survival.  Dear one, God’s power goes beyond what is within the reach of man, God power is in God’s reach which means, it is far beyond anything a man can ever imagine or think. Do not lose hope in what God has said in His word. Beleive, trust and always obey His word, and His power will manifest at all times. God works always but your physical eyes do not just see it. Day and night, snow and rain, food and water, sun and moon, air and wind, all these and many more, it is God who makes them possible. Man has no power over the universe, it is God who makes all these possible.

I pray that today, you will dive into the word of God and build your faith in His power and hold onto to it for the rest of your life. The devil is breeding so many lies and evil works to lead people astray but the Truth (Word of God/ Scripture/ Holy Bible) and the Power of God overcomes all the enemy’s ways. 

This morning I ask,

  • What are you doubting in God?
  •  What are struggling to understand about Jesus Christ? 
  • What is making you lose hope in your life?

Please pray that 

Dear God  please give me  understanding in Your word to confound the lies and works of the enemy so that I may live a victorious and fulfilled life in Christ.

Do not give up, keep asking, seeking, knocking and our faithful God will always manifest His truth to you.

 Have a blessed day in the Lord.


  1. God has been ministering to me about the power of His word since I often struggle with reading the word. The part of this devotion that touched me the most was this; “The Sadducees came quoting scripture but learnt later on that there is more to knowing Scripture as a divine word than just content.” Since the Bible can be used to support history, searched to preach and picked at to pray against the plans of the enemy, we often see it’s functions as these singular capabilities rather than realizing these separate functions attest to its overall, immeasurable power. When we say we are not hearing from God, the first thing you ought to ask yourself is ” have I searched Scripture in my search of a response or have I just prayed all the while accepting that an answer is delayed/will never come? God speaks to us in many ways and His word is one of those ways that is sometimes overlooked. As Christisns we ought to remember that Jesus is yhe Word. So who are you serving if you don’t even seek to know Him/the Word?


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