Prayer for Strength

Beloved in Christ, I just want to stand in agreement or stand-in for someone to pray to God for the grace of strength upon our lives. Every single day or moment of our lives we exert ourselves both physically and spiritually. The things we do in lives drain us and can make us very exhausted. The exhaustion can make us weak and even discourage us to press on. God in His great wisdom and mercies know that these moments will come and that is why He avails Himself to be our strength.

Precious one let us pray:

Almighty and Gracious God we thank you, we give all the glory and honor for your abundant mercies, grace love and goodness that we experience in You daily. It is absolutely by Your grace that we are. We worship and adore you great God for you are worthy. You are worthy O God our Salvation, our Rock, our Refuge and Our Strength. Glory be unto your name. Through our pain, struggles, weakness and whatever state we may be in, we are still grateful because you are a good God and ever faithful.

We come to you today because God we need your strength, we are tired, exhausted by the obstacles, struggles, and challenges we face day in day out. We are tired physically and spiritually, we need restoration in our souls. We ask God for an outpouring of your grace of strength upon us. We ask in Your name that you release the anointing, the grace and power to press forward to fulfill our callings to the glory of Your name. Dear God, we revive us, rejuvenate us, restore us, quicken us with your Spirit. 

I pray for our children, mothers, and fathers, I ask in Your name that our hearts will always be committed to glorifying You in all our endeavors. Sometimes we face the opposition of the enemy which tends to distract, frustrate or destroy us, we ask in Jesus name that all the enemy’s schemes and plans will be nullified in Jesus name. May Your strength and the anointing keep us grounded in our faith in You, that we will not be moved or shaken not to ever give up.

Dear Father, Your word declares that you give power to the weak, And to those who have no might You increase their strength. Even now let that power and strength be released unto us in Jesus name. God, we wait on you, we trust you and we know by Your word that those who wait on you they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary and walk and not faint. 

We thank you gracious God for always being with us in all things and at all time. We thank you that You are our helper. We cast our eyes unto the Hills but where does our help come from? Our help comes from you O Lord God, we put our hope and trust in You. Thank you for your ever-abiding presence that encourages and empower to keep on pressing on. We give you all the glory and honor and we rest in You God alone. This we pray in Jesus name Amen.

Beloved, I hope that this prayer has released hope in your hearts, God is with you and He will strengthen you. Keep on being a faithful child of God, God is with you. Stay blessed.

Always remember that Jesus Christ loves you for He gave His life that you will be saved.



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