Remember God’s faithfulness…

Remember the things I have done in the past.
    For I alone am God!
    I am God, and there is none like me.
10 Only I can tell you the future
    before it even happens.
Everything I plan will come to pass,
    for I do whatever I wish. – Isaiah 46: 9-10 (NLT)

The ability to remember and forget can be both a blessing and sometimes not so much of a blessing. It could depend on which event, information or situation. One example of a time that you do not want to forget, the birthdays of loved ones. I am sure we can all tell how those moments are not always pleasant when we forget them. At times, we just want to forget some of the things that have caused us pain, which made life quite difficult.
Our Wednesday devotion is calling us to “remember”. This call to remember is not just any ordinary remembering but one that is specific and related to our experience with God’s goodness and faithfulness.
Isaiah 46:9-10, God speaks through his servant Isaiah to encourage the people to trust in Him as their God. In those days of the prophet Isaiah, the people of Israel were easily tempted to worship false idols or stray away from God’s commandments. This was a reoccurring pattern in the generations of the people of Israel. God used His prophets to always speak to the people to draw their minds back to God, who loved them and watched over them.
God is speaking to us to also to remember who He has been and done for us. You may ask what had happened for God to have sent such a message. Well, one of the instances is that some of the people were turning their hearts to false idols and forgetting about God. We also can find ourselves in the same predicament, when we put our hopes and trust in other things and not in God. We forget who God is and what God is capable of.
Beloved in Christ, from the beginning of time to present, it has been by God’s grace, goodness, love, faithfulness and uncountable blessings from God that has brought us this far. We live in a fallen world, where evil can creep on you at any time and at any moment. Sad and tragic events occur all around us but God delivers us and strengthens us to overcome it all. Through it, all God helps us to be victorious.
Let us take time in each day to strengthen our faith in God by remembering the things that God have done for us in the past and has promised to do in the future and is even doing in the present.
Think upon how God has healed, is healing and will heal,; how God saves, is saving and will continue to save; how God protected, is protecting, will keep on protecting; how God provides, is providing and will keep on providing; and above all how God forever loves you.
We serve a true, faithful, loving God, what God has said is what will stand. Beloved keep on trusting, hoping and loving God all the days of your life. Always remember Jesus Christ dearly loves you ❤
Stay blessed.
Copyright © 2018 Ama A. Aidoo. All Rights Reserved


  1. Thank you for this wonderfully encouraging post! It is so easy to look to other people and things to help solve our difficulties instead of placing our full faith in our Creator God. This post is a poignant reminder that God is God and only He is able to truly bring blessing to our lives! Every good and perfect gift comes from God! Thank you! ❤

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