To see as Jesus Sees

But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary[a] and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd. – Matthew 9:36

I have prayed and have also heard others pray that God should open their spiritual eyes. The need for spiritual eyes was that I will be able to see the invisible things in the spiritual realm. Although this is a good thing but I found that I missed what it ultimately means to see with spiritual eyes.

In today’s devotion, I will encourage us to soak in God’s word as written by Matthew in the 9th chapter and verse 36.  Our focus today will be on scene when Jesus Christ did encountered the multitude. The Scripture verse for today tells us that when He (Referring to Jesus Christ) saw the multitudes, He saw their deep needs, Jesus saw the invisible things that no one could see, Jesus truly saw them!

To see with the eyes and be moved in the heart

As Jesus Christ and his disciples were walking by, going about their business, Jesus Christ cast his eyes on the multitude and saw with his spiritual eyes what his disciples and many could not see. For me, this what it means to see with your spiritual eyes, where you can see what God sees.

Jesus Christ saw the weariness of the people, He also saw that the multitude was scattered as sheep without a shepherd. When Jesus looked his eyes, his heart was moved with compassion for them.

Beloved in Christ, what are you seeing and what is happening in your heart. When you look into your community, family, workplace, your nation, other nations, what are you seeing?

How is God communing to you in what you see?

The Call to Action when you see

As I pondered over this verse, I realized that Jesus was able to see because of the mission that was set before Him. Our Lord Jesus Christ came to earth to die to save us. For this mission, Jesus’ eyes were opened to see what He needed to see in order to faithfully fulfill His mission.

When Jesus saw the multitude in this state of despair, He turned to His disciples and said to them in the next two verses: 37 Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.38 Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” 

This was the call to action for Jesus Christ based on what He saw. God knew how to help the multitude and that was in the disciples becoming laborers and praying for more laborers to work in the vineyard.

Beloved in Christ, what is God speaking to you about, what you are seeing, what are you to do and what are others to do in order to obey the Father’s call to reach His beloved.

There is so much I will love to share about this but the sake of being a short devotional, I will not go in depth.

Precious Child of God, open your eyes today and see what your Father is showing you and be stirred in your heart to take action. Jesus after seeing called the disciples to pray but that was not the only thing He did. He also equipped them in the 10th chapter to go out to serve the people.

This is what I conclude from this, when God sents you, He shows you, He impresses His desires in your heart, God then equips you and by obedience, you follow through to do your Father’s business.

Dear God, open our spiritual eyes to see beyond the physical, let us see what you see and be moved to take action to bring glory to your name.

Always remember that the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ dearly loves you ❤


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