Guard your thought life…


Keep your heart with all diligence,
For out of it spring the issues of life. – Proverbs 4:23

The word “heart” used in the Scripture verse above is not the body organ that pumps blood but it used here to refer to our thought life. The way a person thinks is very important as it reflects in the actions she or he takes.

Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Solomon writes to share this great command and wisdom with us that we should keep our heart with all diligence. The NIV translation states it as ” Above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it”

In our devotion today, I will like to us ponder on this verse and let the Spirit of God speak to us on guarding our heart (thought life) as from it will flow everything that manifests in our lives.

I am sure this is not new to most of us, but it something that we can easily overlook. Just recently I found myself going through some mood swings. I struggled to keep my emotional life stable and the word of God came to me that “Guard your heart”.

Easily said but very difficult to practice. Our thought life is very exposed and as such the unwanted things could just slip in. The enemy preys on our thought life and will use any opportunity presented to invade our thought life.

God provide grace to guard the heart

Beloved, as I looked at this Bible verse more closely, I realized that it is a command and every command given by God is accompanied by God’s grace to enable us fulfill the command. God has given us His Spirit, Scripture verses, good friends, and love ones who share wisdom, truth, and encouragements with us. Reach out to God in prayer, study and meditate on Scripture verses, take heed of the counsel of faithful servants in the faith.

To diligently guard your heart, Beloved is to let your mind always be stayed on Jesus Christ. With this, your heart will truly be filled with Jesus’s love, beauty, joy and all that is in Christ.

Precious Child of God, you have it in you to be able to guard your heart. For some of us, we have left our heart unguarded and it has allowed many negative, hurtful, destructive things to enter but it is never too late. God’s grace is still available to help restore your heart and guard your heart moving forward. We may not always be able to fully protect our hearts but we should trust in God that God is always able to restore us.

 Our life actions is a reflection of our thought life

The scripture is clear, that the things that manifests in our lives are as a result of what is going on in our heart or our thought life. For our lives to spring issues that are a blessing, inspiring, glorious, impactful, and all the goodness you can think of, it starts of with the cautious and diligent act of guarding your heart (thought life)

It is my prayer that we will all take authority over our thought lives and become diligent in watching over it. I pray that God the Holy Spirit will provide wisdom and truth to help us in this journey.

Precious child of God always know and hold on to it tightly that Jesus Christ dearly loves you ❤

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    • Thank you so much Lynnna <3. It is such an honor to get this compliment from an amazing Christian blogger. I am truly blessed and it is all by God's grace.
      Thank you for nominating to the Sunshine Blogger Award. God richly bless you.

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