Desperate for God…

As the deer pants for the water brooks,
So pants my soul for You, O God. – Psalm 42:1 

Today,  I just want us to soak in these words of the Psalmist as the Psalmist expresses their desperate need for God. The psalmist expresses his desperate need for God using the deer’s desperate need for the water brooks as a metaphor.

The deer is animal that lives in the wilderness or forest. The deer, unfortunately, is prey to many predators. I have seen from watching and reading about the deer that it is always on the run. The deer are always running from their predators to save its life. Some of these runs take miles and miles, where the deer can grow very weary and thirsty. When the deer come across water, they drink with such delight and joy like they have discovered the most treasured gift in the world. The water quenches the thirst of the deer. The deer is refreshed and restored from the energy that has been spent in the time of the tiresome run. The water is like life for the deer, they would have passed out if not for the water that satisfies and refreshes the deer. The deer regain energy, strength, and newness to run on from the pursuing predators or just to run on to reach their destination.

I am sure the poet of this Psalm have their own analysis and observations he made to compare their desperate need for God with the deer’s desperate need for the water brooks. For me, I know with all my heart and mind that I am nothing without God. My life and whole being is absolutely dependent on God and with that, I resonate with what the psalmist writes in Psalm 42:1. In this season of Lent of just reflecting, studying the scriptures and praying, I see more and more of how humanity is in desperate need of God.

Today’s post is more of a heart cry to God that God we need you. God, we need you in our world. God we need you in our communities, God we need you in our families, God we need you in our government, schools, hospitals, everywhere. God, we need you in our lives. My soul pants desperately for God, the restorer, reviver, renewer, life-giver, creator, my all., without God we are nothing.

The deep void that lies within that seems like nothing can ever fill, Beloved that is your desperate cry in your heart saying you need God. Do not ignore your thirst and seek for your thirst to be quenched by God, the provider of the living waters that never run dry.

May God continue to fill us and strengthen us to press on our journey in Christ.

Have a blessed day and always remember that Jesus Christ loves you so dearly. How do I know that because Jesus died for you… ❤


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