Always do Good!


13 But as for you, brethren, do not grow weary in doing good. 

2nd Thessalonians 3:13

Hello friends, thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by to read today’s devotion. Today the word of God for you is these three simple words, “Always do good!“.

First you may ask, what is doing good?

The idea of doing good is  like the obvious best thing to do  in all situations. Doing good is the act that we demonstrate as believers to manifest the nature of our Father in us.As believers in Christ, we obtain our nature of goodness from God our Father. In the words of Jesus Christ in Mark 10:18, He says ” … only the Father is good.” and so by becoming a child of the Father, you obtain that goodness to become good in all things.

Doing good is living out your true identity as a child of God in sharing goodness wherever you go. In doing good many have helped others to attain their purposes in lives. The goodness that believers exhibit help make the world a better place to live in.

Second, how do I do good?

We often think that doing good is something that after you do, you feel good, you feel fulfilled. In actual fact, doing good to others is an act that could be very exhaustive, demanding, challenging and even very painful. Doing good requires us to sacrifice our time, resources and even at times our very lives. Well let me remind you of the ultimate goodness that our wonderful God did, God gave us His Son Jesus Christ to die for me and you  that we may obtain eternal life. God demonstrate to us how to do good  by putting others first by loving them especially those who hurt or hate us.

We do good by living out the very nature of our good Father in us.

The word of God today is to draw your hearts and minds to this very act that as children of God we always have to demonstrate goodness. Beloved, always do good, do good not for the reward you will obtain but rather to testify of the Father’s goodness in your life. Let your goodness be a living testimony that draws others to the saving grace of God. Do good not to only to those who return your goodness but to those you cannot ever expect to repay you. Do good to those who have caused you pain and suffering. This is a very challenging thing the word of God is asking of us but I always thank God for the Precious Holy Spirit who is always with us to help in obeying the Father.

I pray that the grace, compassionate love and strength be given to you by the Holy Spirit that you may be able to do good always. In doing good we bring glory to God and God gives us unspeakable joy, a joy that fills our heart with peace, joy and love always. Stay blessed and always know that Jesus Christ love you dearly 🙂

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