Start with Christ!

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. – Matthew 6:33

In constructing a building, the quality of the materials and engineering technique used will determine the strength of the building. The British soccer team slogan bears this truth ” The deeper the foundation and the stronger the fortress”.

Dear one, God’s message to us this morning is to draw our minds on how we should build ourselves spiritually. As believers, our faith is built on the solid foundation of seeking God’s Kingdom first.

Seek First the Kingdom of God

Jesus Christ tells the people and today to us, that in growing in the Lord, the foundation to make your life in Christ strong and firm is establishing a foundation of starting with Jesus Christ. 

Our Lord knows what is in this world, He knows the trials, tribulations, the temptations, the hardships, persecutions and all the fiery darts, plots and wicked ways that the enemy will set against us (believers), and so, He tells those who are worried and busy seeking the gains of this world should redirect their focus to seek first God’s Kingdom for a stronger and deeper foundation to build their life on.

Our God always seeks out the best for us, He loves us and wants us to always overcome and be victorious  over the enemy and so He says to us in today’s word – Establish your foundation deep by Seeking First God’s Kingdom and so that when you get faced with storms and the huffs and puffs of the enemy you will remain because you have been built on Christ, who stays with you and will always be with you. 

Beloved, start with Christ and build with Him, do not start with world gains and decide to bring Christ along the way. You need a deep foundation to build a strong fortress, let Christ reign and rule in you. Let His word guide and guard you, set your heart to total obedience to Him, be established on the deep foundation and build on your faith in Jesus Christ, and remember, the glamor, paint, aesthetics can always be added and the building will  always remain because the foundation is strong.

When you make God your beginning, He also becomes your end and He establishes all other things to guide you to this glorious end- Ama

Be blessed and continue to always seek the Lord.


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