Keep Hope Alive

It is always inspiring to start a new experience. Whether it is a new job, new school, new life in marriage, and also a NEW YEAR! Yes! The beginning of every new year is often filled with emotions of excitement, hope, wonder, and optimism about what the year holds in store for us. We often get very excited to begin new ventures, experiences, ideas, and the list is endless. And that is amazing; the thrill and joy we fill at the beginning each year, I believe, is a gift to quicken us to do great works for God’s glory. But it is also possible that not all may be excited or eager about this year, and that is why keeping our hope alive in Jesus Christ is essential to living a God-glorifying life this year.

As the new year begins, Dear Beloved in Christ, please remember that each year we are granted is a gift from God, and God gives us the gift of a lifetime for His purposes. As we get started on new plans, ventures, and experiences to glorify God, I ask by the mercies of God that we keep Jesus Christ at the center of all it.

Unexpected outcomes are set-ups for the manifestations of God’s glory

By Ama Antwi

We often have the vision of the outcomes of our endeavors in our minds. Sometimes we may do all that is needed, but the results may not meet the expectations, please remember in such moments to be patient with yourself, with others and most of all TRUST God.

Let God rule in your heart and guide your thoughts. When you experience the sudden halt or unexpected this year, look to God and wait in the hope of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let your heart not be troubled, He who has begun with you will carry you through this year also. 

Dear Beloved of the Lord Jesus Christ, please press on and always keep in your hearts and mind on God’s word concerning His grace, love, and goodness for your life. Keep your hope alive and live in 2020 to God’s glory. Always remember that Jesus Christ dearly loves you, for He gave His life that you may live.

Image by Roger Coles – YouVersion

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