Who sets the standard for Christian living?

One of the reasons I have noticed that causes a person to waver in his or her faith in God or even lose their faith in God altogether when is he or she gets disappointed in minister(s) in Christian ministry ( preachers, singers, etc) whom they have idolized for so long.

These ministers lives’ become demarcation or the standard of good Christian living for such a person and when the ministers make mistakes, fall into temptations all of a sudden a negative image of what it means to be Christian is painted in minds. Questions are asked about everything they said and did and now those who idolized them hearts get broken.

This idolization of ministers in Christian ministry is not something anyone will set out to do, it happens unconsciously. It is normal to admire people who do great things in service to God and God’s people. But we ought to guard our hearts at all times to prevent idolization of God’s servants.

Beloved in Christ seek your personal encounter with Christ and let Jesus Christ be the only one you idolize. Let everything you base your faith on be in and on Christ alone.

Apostle Paul is well known for his unshaken faith God no matter what he encountered. The secret is in his Damascus road experience. Jesus Christ revealed himself personally to Paul and stirred a hunger in which he sought after Jesus all the days of his life because Christ was his only satisfaction. There were other disciples around in Paul’s time and sometimes they flawed but that did not make Paul question his faith, his faith was grounded because he knew Jesus Christ for himself and Christ was his mark, his standard and not what other Christians did. It was Jesus! With that boldness and confidence he could say “imitate me as I imitate Christ”.

Beloved seek Jesus know Him for yourself, worship Him and Follow Him, this way your faith will not waver no matter what you encounter because Jesus Christ is ever faithful, righteous, holy and never fails.

Stay blessed 💕


  1. It’s common to feel wounded or disappointed in church. We can become bitter, cynical, anger or depressed because of the disappointments or wounds experienced in church. The most common complaints people make about the church:

    People aren’t friendly
    I don’t like the sermons
    Too cliquey
    All the church is interested in is my money
    People gossip about me
    The Pastor said something mean
    The leaders are hypocrites
    People are snobs
    I won’t tithe because I don’t know what they are doing with the money
    No one checks on me
    The people are judgmental

    People to react to these disappointments by:

    Staying in church, but complain and gossip
    Lose faith and confidence in God
    Leave and go to a different church
    Start a new church

    The proper way to deal with hurts and disappointments in church is not let those hurts destroy your faith or drive you away from your church. Instead, ask God to help you deal with the wounds wisely and press on in your walk with Him.

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  2. Galatians 6:4,5 reminds me that we all carry our own load in our service to God. Therefore, we cannot base our faith in Jehovah God on someone else’s actions. Although God loves all of his people collectively, he also has a personal relationship with each one of us and it wouldn’t be wise to break that relationship because of the sins of someone else. As you said, Jesus Christ set the standards. We are to follow his example (1 Peter 2:21). However, Christ also warned that there would be a great apostasy and Paul mentioned there would be wolves that enter into the church that speak twisted things to draw away the disciples after themselves (Acts 20:29,3). If we see something of that nature it’s best to find another place of worship. God’s Spirit is apparent in the fruit that the congregation produces (Matthew 7:17; 1 Corinthians 5:11).


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