By the Grace of God I am

A few days ago, I was listening to one of my favorite preachers, Priscilla Shirer. In her message Priscilla shared a story which illustrated how we often miss God by becoming used to the goodness or signs of God in our everyday living. Priscilla’s story involved how she was awaken at dawn by the loud noise of a passing train which was close to the hotel she was lodging. This loud noise made it difficult for her to sleep and  as a result felt very tired in the morning. This troubled her and so she shared with her hostess if she knew about the train that passed by every dawn. Priscilla’s hostess sadly apologized that she knew but had gotten so used to the noise from the train that she failed to inform Priscilla about it.

Check out Priscilla’s message here.

Aha! This was it! I started to ask myself the questions she asked her audience during the sermon.

In what ways have we gotten so used to God that we miss God when He is right there?

Beloved I must say, this message really sunk into my heart, and it has drawn my mind to think especially about how we miss how God’s grace works in our lives.

Blessed Beloved of Christ, in this devotion, I invite you all to soak in the words of the Apostle Paul to the Church of Corinth. In these  precious words of life, I find Apostle Paul in a deep reflection moment thinking about all the goodness, mercies, favor, love of God that have worked out all things for his good in his life and  just in AWE about it.

But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all, yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me. – 1 Corinthians 15:10

For most people in developed countries, it is very easy to take things for granted. For example the basic needs of life such as food, water and shelter are readily or often readily available to access. Not to all but most people have access to these needs in each and every single day of their lives. Sometimes we get so used to the access and availability of the things we need and want which unfortunately could make us forget that everything we have is just by God’s grace. 

I find God’s grace as a mysterious blessing, it works in ways we cannot fathom.

Such as:

  • God’s grace is that which shows up when we feel like we have come the dead end of the road and suddenly there is a way – that is God’s grace
  • God’s grace is what manifests when we look at our tall to-do list and suddenly we are checking off the last task.  – that is God’s grace
  • God’s grace is that which shows up every morning when we wake up and feel  air in our lungs and we are able to move and live in that day in the right side of our minds and do the things we do – that is God’s grace
  • God’s grace is extended to all and meets each one of us at the very  point of our need. God’s is always sufficient.
  • God’s grace is when you dare to do the seemingly impossible, challenging, difficult and yet SUCCEED – that is God’s grace

One may read this scripture verse and ask if Paul is boasting about how hard he worked than his brethren. Beloved, please watch carefully, what Paul is saying is, “in all that I was able to do which seemed that I labored more abundantly than everyone else, it was not me but was the grace of God which was with me.” Paul is expressing his humility, he saying that “don’t praise me for anything but if it was not for God’s grace, I would have never accomplished anything.

Beloved in Christ, please take a moment and let us reflect on our lives and just give God thanks and acknowledge God’s work in our lives like Paul did. Let us acknowledge God for His grace towards us that has brought us this far. We live in a broken world and there is a lot of wicked and dark things taking place all over but what keeps you and me is God’s grace alone.

God thank you for your grace and goodness that you extend to us. God, we  take nothing in our lives for granted, we are Yours and we honor You  O Gracious God.


Today, it is my prayer that the Grace of God will be with you all. May God’s love and favor  abound towards you in all that you do. May you not miss it when you see God at work and be able to acknowledge God and give Him praise for God is worthy of our praise.  Thank you dear Lord Jesus Christ for by your goodness and grace that makes us.

Dear Beloved in Christ please no matter what you are going through, always remember that you are loved by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for He gave His life for you <3.


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