“I Want to See”

51 “What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him.The blind man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.” – Mark 10:51

This is the outcry of a blind man by the roadside, “Jesus Son of David have mercy on me”.  This heartfelt outcry reached Jesus, being so merciful and gracious stops to respond to the cry. There Jesus commands his followers to call the blind man to come to him. As the blind man stood before his redeemer, Jesus Christ asked him, “What do you want me to do for you? “The blind man humbly asks with the sincere desire and pleads ” I want to See”.

Of all the things the man could have asked of Jesus, his plea is simple and humble sharing with the savior his desire and longing to see.

The ability to see is a grace that we do not have to take lightly. When one talks about seeing, our mind is directly turned to the natural seeing that is being able to identity things as they are in their form, shapes and colors through the eyes.

There is also another aspect of seeing that transcends what we see in the physical. This seeing is the ability to see with our spiritual eyes. Seeing with our spiritual eyes for me also is seeing with your heart. With a careful look at Mark’s narration of the gospel, there seems to be a theme of blindness running through this the narration. It seems the people that followed Jesus Christ were dealing with the issue of spiritual blindness. They had physical eyes yet could not see Jesus Christ as the long awaited Messiah.The followers of Jesus missed the many opportunities Jesus presented to them to reveal himself as the Messiah. Finally, it took Bartimeus the blind man to finally cry to Jesus that I have been blind for so long, missing out on what you are doing, God please grant that I may see. On that day in Mark 10:52, his eyes were opened and he followed Jesus.

At times God is doing things all around us, there are missions that God is calling us to embark on. There are things God is pointing to us, but like Jesus followers in the gospel of Mark, we miss it. We fail to recognize the doings of God all around us. We walk in darkness of our ignorance and fall into ditches that were not meant for us.

Beloved in Christ, I humbly ask of you today, let us be like Bartimeus and reach to God to help us see. We do not want to miss Jesus as He passes by. We do not want to be left behind while everyone follows him. Jesus Christ is passing today with His grace and blessings, cry to Him and He will stop for you. He will stop and grant your heart desire to see and behold Him as Lord and Savior.

Seeing with our heart allows us to see as Jesus sees. We see the broken-hearted, the lost, the rejected, sick, those whom the Lord’s arms are wide open to receive unto Himself. We see and God sends us when we see.

I conclude with this, seeing well with your heart beget God’s vision and God’s vision for His Kingdom inspire missions to embark on and these missions glorify God. As believers it is important that we see in order to do our Father’s will. May God grant unto us as we cry out like Bartimeus that we also will always see and follow Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

May God bless and keep you always in Jesus name! Always remember that Jesus loves you dearly ❤️

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