The Seed Must be buried to die, then LIVE…

It seems it is more logical to say, “a person lives to die” but in my understanding of the Christian life, it is understandable and reasonable to say , “a person dies to live”. It may seem strange to explain this reverse in the phrase but by the grace and truth revealed by the Holy Spirit this is truly an enlightening experience. For every believer who can bear witness to this, the transformation which takes place in a person saved by Jesus Christ is this:

When a person receives Christ, his or her life which was dead in sin and trespasses, is transformed and made anew in Christ to live a life of righteousness and holiness that bears a testimony that they are made alive in Christ.

This week the word “Wait” and “Trust” has been deeply impressed on my heart. In a world where things are rapidly moving and there seems to be no time for anything, it is hard to even think about the need to wait when the pressures of life are pushing against you (pause and reflect).

In today’s devotion, it is my prayer that the words of Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:36 will reveal to us the wisdom and truth in the ability to wait and trust God in order to experience the great blessing of God that comes in God’s time.

The Seed

I have a great passion for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. I find the gospel of Christ so precious and valuable and it is my earnest prayer and desire that all will experience God’s love in Jesus Christ. There is this unexplainable joy and love a person experiences when he or she comes to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as one’s Lord and Savior. The transformation that takes place in a person’s life when he or she gets saved is a true miracle and glorious to behold.

But this what I have come to know, sharing the gospel of Christ is a difficult but easy task. First, it is difficult when the natural mind falls into a calculative mode and starts to predict the outcomes and all manner of challenges a person could face in going to share the gospel with others. The mere thinking of the challenges can create a heavy burden in your heart and even prevent you from obeying the Spirit of God. On the other hand, it is easy when you decide to absolutely trust and be dependent on God to be your helper to overcome all perceived challenges that you may face in this endeavor.

Sowing the Seed

There are the moments when a person is able to trust and take on the courageous act to share the gospel of Christ with others. This process is one sowing the divine seed of God’s word in the lives of others. After sowing the seeds there goes a long period of seeing no change in the lives of the people. Yes! That is where the waiting time comes in. After you have sowed the divine seed of the word of truth in the lives of others, you have to wait but in course of waiting keep on sowing. To confess, this is my personal struggle, waiting for God’s word to take root in a person’s life is tough. Beloved, this is the what we ought to remember that it is God who sends us and brings the harvest, all we do is to obey God.

Buried to Die, then Live

The words of the Scripture verse:

 Foolish one, what you sow is not made alive unless it dies. 1 Corinthians 15:36

This was a wake-up call for me to see what was happening when the gospel is preached. The word of God is like a seed and it is sown when preached, just like every seed, it is first buried in the soil. When something is buried, no one sees it only the ground that hosts the seed feels it. So is it in the lives of those who hear the word. They feel it and know that is is there and feels the life in the seed. Though the seed may not be visible to all that it has been sown, the buried seed goesthrough a period of decaying to die and from its death, life will spring forth through the crack of the ground to bear witness that the seed is alive.

This applies to everything we do as believers in our commitment in building the Kingdom of God. Some may feel like they have given up so much and have done so much but see no results. Many are depressed, exhausted, disappointed and all manner of things from not seeing the fruit of their labor. This is to encourage you today, that keep sowing and never give up after the seed has been sown the next step is to WAIT on God and TRUST in God. The seed must first be buried to die and after, life will spring forth.


Do not stop sowing the seed of preaching the gospel, praising God, praying, blessing others with your gifts and talents. In all we do, we are sowing seeds and if we will trust and wait in the Lord, we will experience the glory of God’s manifestation.

May God continue in giving us the grace and anointing to sow seeds and fully trust in Him alone that in His time, God will make all things beautiful.

Stay blessed and always know that Jesus Christ loves you dearly.

God bless you ❤


  1. This article is giving me a deeper revelation of John 12:24-25. It is also confirmation for where God has me right now in sowing seed and building his kingdom. God also used your article to comfort my soul from feeling like a failure from last night when I was attempting to plant the seed of the Gospel. Thank you so much for your obedience in writing this article. God bless!


    • Praise God!!! I am so glad God used the blog to bless you. Please keep on being faithful to God and you will truly experience God’s faithfulness. Stay blessed 😊


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