The Grace that strengthens

When I think of the grace of God, I sit in awe of God’s goodness and just praise and thank Him. The goodness of God is unfathomable, He is love and so all that He manifests reveals His nature of love for us (humanity). Today, we will meditate and pray on the word of God:

You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. –  2nd Timothy 2:1

In this verse, Paul was addressing his spiritual son Timothy in his second letter to him. In the previous letter and the first chapter of the second letter, we find that Paul was advising Timothy in the ways He ought to go in order to serve God faithfully. The work that Timothy had been called to was indeed challenging and almost impossible to accomplish in the eyes of men. Paul realizes the enormity of this task and throughout the letters, he encourages his son with the word of God and prayer to sustain Him fulfill the call on his life.

Today, I would like us to take a pause and pray for understanding and the manifestation of this verse in our own lives that God strengthens us in the grace that is in Jesus Christ.

Be Strong in the Grace that is in Jesus Christ

The grace that is in Jesus Christ is the simple gospel truth that our Lord Jesus Christ is the Savior. The gospel truth that our Lord Jesus Christ is the truth, way, and life. I can imagine if Paul was to say this to Timothy in person, the intense look that will be in his eyes and with seriousness utter these words to his son as if it was a fragile piece of the last clue to a great treasure hunt that will bring an unimaginable fortune. Glory be to God! the strength that this grace provides brings more than an unimaginable fortune. It draws us into deeper magnificent intimacy with our God which nothing in this world can compare, it is where His awesome glory is revealed to us.

Beloved, the revelation of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is seen in His word, His Spirit,  His blood, prayer, gifts and all that that He has freely given to us.  All that we are able to do is by the grace of God. Today, like Timothy, we all have great assignments and purposes to fulfill in our lives. At times, when looking at the big picture of the tasks we must accomplish, it seems impossible that we as tiny little humans can in anyway accomplish such assignments. But know this, that the grace of God is sufficient to more than help us to do the impossible.

Today, be encouraged in the word of God and prayerfully read the text and hear the Spirit of God speak it to you, “Be Strong in the grace that is in Jesus Christ”.

  • Be Strong means, be obedient to the word of God
  • Be Strong means, pray without ceasing
  • Be Strong means, always yield to the Holy Spirit
  • Be Strong means, bear the fruits of the Spirit
  • Be Strong means, live to bring Christ glory always and much more…

Dear one, always remember that you serve a faithful God, who is always willing and available to help you. Be strong in His grace and keep on glorifying your Father in Heaven.

Stay blessed.

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